Friday, May 25, 2012

ESL Go4WoT cup #50 (EU)


Go4WoT is a series of events organized jointly by Wargaming and Electronic Sports League (ESL) in which you can win real money!

Every Sunday there is a total prize fund of €1,400. So come and take part in the next Go4WoT tournament!

The next fight will be the 50th ESL Go4WoT cup and will take place on Sunday, May 27th. Simply find 6 friends or teammates, create an ESL team and you will have a chance of winning from €100 to €400!

 You can also collect points to qualify for the monthly finals where you could win €1,750!

How Go4Wot works

Weekly cup every Sunday
Top 8 teams earn points for the monthly ranking
Weekly prize purse: €1,400
Top 8 teams of each month qualify for the monthly final
Monthly final prize purse: €1,750

Single Elimination
Best of 1
Semifinals + Finals: Best of 3
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
If the match ends in a draw (ie no team destroyed or base not captured by the end of the time limit) the team with at least 8 tierpoints difference wins the fight. To gain the 8 points you can kill any tanks and add their tierpoints together. If no team has more than 8 tierpoints difference, the match is rated as a draw and must be replayed. If there is still no winner after the rematch both teams will be disqualified.

To take part in the ESL World of Tanks cup, you need to create your ESL account with your World of Tanks in-game nick.


1st         100 Points + €400
2nd        75 Points + €250
3rd         60 Points+ €200
4th         40 Points + €150
5-8th      25 Points + €100
Don’t miss it! Sign up now!

For more information, read the ESL Go4WoT Cup #50 information page, or the Go4WoT rules.

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