Friday, June 1, 2012

June Gift Shop Offers (NA)

Rejoice Tank Commanders!

World of Tanks brings you a multitude of gift packages and great discounts for the first round of  Gift Shop specials in the month of June. Take advantage of the savings before it ends. Starting from May 31 at 23:00 PDT until June 14 at 23:00 PDT.

Package "M22 Locust, gold" for USD 8.61

Tank: M22 Locust
Garage slot
Gold: 350

Package "Valentine, gold" for USD 12.22

Tank: Valentine
Garage slot
Gold: 900
Large Repair Kit: 2

Package "FCM36 Pak40, gold" for USD 9.16

Tank: FCM36 Pak40
Garage slot
Gold: 500
Large Repair Kit: 3

Package "105 leFH18B2, gold" for USD 12.77

 Tank: 105 leFH18B2
Garage slot
Gold: 500
Large Repair Kit: 3

Package V "Gold + Consumables" for USD 13.88

Gold: 2000
Large Repair Kit: 5
Automatic Fire Extinguisher: 5
You can buy these packages for yourself or as gifts for your friends. Please refer to the Gift Shop Guide for information on how to use it.

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